Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awesomeness in a Blog

So my good buddy Eldon and I came up with THE most brilliant idea this morning while on the topic of blogs: to create the ultimate blog for food lovers in Winnipeg. The basis would be for us to review/photog all the places we would dine at and gain popularity & traffic that way.

Awesome or what? I know...just GENIUS! But this will only start when I finish my competition, which is just creeping up around the corner (18 days eek!). I absolutely cannot wait. My mouth is salivating already for all the scrumptious goodies that will be chewed up in my happy, smiling mouth :D I better get my fat pants on. This is going to be one ride of a lifetime, or until my heart stops beating due to a heart attack from the greasy food. COMING SOON...

On another note: I was just tallying up all my clients today and WOW we at the 12 person mark. That to me is just insane. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. It is by far the best job/career I have ever had. I am so very passionate about their journey to achieve their goals when it comes to total body wellness. The gratification on their faces makes me want MORE MORE MORE.

If you are one of "my girls", please do tell your friends and family members about Sam & I. We are glad to take on new clients at any time.

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