Monday, October 31, 2011


One of my "jobs" as a sponsored athlete is to try and test out new products for you.  I adore doing this whole trial & error bit to see what works with my body the best.  Cue "Super Freak" by PHARMAFREAK.  Soon to be on the shelves at Muscles By Meyers, this powerful pre-workout is packed with stims & is one sure fire way to get your going at the gym.

The fruit punch flavour was quite tasty as compared to some (think Fruit Punch Kool-aid).  I was also very surprised at how well it mixed (no big clumps at the bottom of my shaker cup).  Because we had just come from visiting Meyers, I actually took my pre-workout at the gym.  A good 10 minutes later, I started to feel the effects of SUPERFREAK.  With my heart racing, I was ready for an impeccable & insane LEG DAY. After only finishing off my first set of super wide squats (my fav), I was already sweating up a storm (cue moins shirt LOL).   Now let's rate this sucker:

Taste: 10
Focus/Concentration: 10
Price: Unknown as it's not on Muscles by Meyers shelves yet

I have to say this pre-workout is equivalent to Purus Labs Muscle Marinade (one of my fav pre-workouts). On a taste level, it is truly amazing.   I loved how well it mixed; ensuring I NEVER waste product.  My concentration & intensity was remarkable, which I believe is necessary (especially now since my workouts are even more intense then ever before). 

But overall, GREAT product!!!  

Keep checking for its availability.  A must-try!!! 

That is all.  Goodnight y'all :D


  1. How do you compare this to White Flood? IS it too sweet?

  2. It is not as sweet as White Flood. Heavier on stims than White Flood. So if you find yourself getting anxiety, this may not be the right pre-workout for you :D