Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are You a Prime Suspect of Any of These Offenses?

There once was a girl who living in a shoe....or wait that's another story.  Okay okay okay.  

There once was a girl who was overweight *points to chest.  She lived in a land where she thought everything was hunky dory.  She would eat, and eat and eat to her hearts content.  She didn't even think to workout.  Working out was tiring she thought.  She never once thought of the consequences of this behavior.  

She woke up one morning, looked at herself in the mirror and thought "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" 

Well the truth of the matter is SHE was unhealthy because of the self-sabotaging things she errrr I WOULD do to myself.

Here is just a couple of funny/sad/gross scenarios from the past.  I just thought you, my readers, would get a kick out of the insane things I did to satisfy my hunger.  HUNGRY HUNGRY KIMMY!  SO let the embarrassing memories begin.

  • Spraying air freshener in the kitchen so the parents wouldn't know I had just cooked popcorn.  Because we all know that popcorn smell doesn't go away quickly.  
  • Using the microwave oven instead of the microwave to cook pizza pops or to warm anything BAD just to not wake anyone up with the beeping sound.  
  • Hiding my own personal stash of junk food in an office filing cabinet in my room  YUP! 
  • Folding up empty bags of chips or any junk food wrappers that I didn't want seen in paper towels If they didn't see the wrappers it just means I didn't eat it (me trying to convince myself).  
  • No cheese?  If there were crackers, the most damaging thing I would eat with them would be condiments like MAYO or BUTTER/MARGARINE.  SO gross...I KNOW!!!
  • No hotdog buns?  That's okay!  Just eating the wieners with a whole lot of ketchup was good enough for me.  
  • If my mother bought a loaf of garlic bread, it would be consumed in a couple of hours time..
  • Two bags of chips...maybe even three would be the normal for me on any day of the week.
  • I was one of those people who thought juice was healthy.  Drinking a whole jug at "good for me".  
  • Eating processed cheese would be a last resort snack.
  • Chef Boyardee was a friend of mine...cans at a time :S
  • Eating ice cream daily just because I wanted it.
  • Going out to the store/bakery to get yourself a BIG ol' piece of cake ALL TO YOURSELF.  

These were just some of the things I would do...probably did a combination of some of the ones listed above in one sitting.  NEVER AGAIN.  To think of all the time wasted on these extremely bad habits is just exhausting.

Looking back on some of the bad habits is quite funny to both Sam and I now but some of you may still be fighting the urges and temptations.  The journey will be hard.  There will also be setbacks but it will all be well-worth it in the end.  Stay strong.  I know you can do it.  Just look at a Fitness Model.  Never in my dreams would I imagine that happening.   ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  

Question:  Are you a prime suspect of any of these offenses?  

What are some of the bad food habits you have had in the past?  

Please share in the comment section below.  


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