Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'll Have "The Regular" Please!!!

You know what I'm talking about right?  I'll give you a couple of hints.  

  1. It's something most don't like to talk about (well some guys do, which I think is weird).  
  2. It's something we should be doing 1-3 times daily (depending on your body)
  3. It makes you feel lighter
  4. You do this while sitting down (or I'd like to think so LOL)
Have you guessed it yet?  

Bowel movements!!!  You get a gold star if you guessed correctly.  The exclamation points are there (x3) because it is a very exciting process which takes place in our bodies.

You remember the fairy tale "Goldilocks & the Three Bears"?  Let's use that as the way the poop (stool) process is and should be.

Goldilocks tried Mama Bear's bed and said it was TOO SOFT.  When your stools are too soft that is what they like to call "diarrhea".  Some of the things contributing to this are eating unhealthy foods (fried or greasy), food poisoning, the flu, a medical disease, or a lactose intolerance.

But let's go back to being "Regular" since getting "the runs" is FAR FROM THAT.

Goldilocks tried Papa Bear's bed and exclaimed it was TOO HARD.  When stools are too hard, doctor's call this constipation.  You know you have it when going to the bathroom poses as a challenge.  There are tons of things which can contribute to this common problem such as dieting (I know my fellow competitor friends are nodding), lack of exercise, improper nutrition, medication, or even stress.        

To get yourself back to normal conditions and like Baby Bear's bed (JUST RIGHT) in the movement department, here are some tips you can do to help relieve those symptoms:
  • Consume more fibrous foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains)
  • DRINK more liquids such as water or tea to help you go with the flow :D
  • Try mediation or yoga to relieve the stress
  • Don't wait when you feel the need to GO
If the above tips do not help, please consult your doctor.  

That's all for now friends.  
I hope you have a "regular" day!    


  1. well gosh darnit...never thought I'd learn something new about poop at my age. thanks for that :)
    I blame my kids...I am forever holding it in, waiting for them to leave me the heck alone in there! No wonder I got chronic stage fright!

  2. This is funny post on a sensitive subject of...constipation. What I like to know is who told you I have problems with this? lol Actually, having increased my daily fiber intake and making sure I drink plenty of water now this problem is pretty much all behind me. I can't believe I said that "all behind me".

    All of us on the Love Train really appreciate you linking up, but we request you tie your posts to our meme. You could've incorporated being active in this post as another way of relieving contsipation. Activity like say, dancing!

    Get your groove on with our weekly theme ofHot Summer Songs Rocks 4M! ~Cathy Kennedy

  3. I love how you involved Goldielocks into the mix. Quite a brilliant post, I must say! But the three bears are no match for my stubborn bowels. We need to find a bear who goes once a week. Call him Pain-in-Butt-Bear! Ha! I just made myself laugh!