Monday, June 11, 2012

Fat vs. "Fat"

The purpose of this post is to give a realistic insight. To give a different perspective of how to approach solving your "fat problem". To keep you positive no matter who you get insulted by and how discouraged you get.

"You are fat." That's a common quote isn't it.  Have you ever stopped and thought about who called you fat? Why they called you fat and why you felt offended by it?

"Fat" has two distinct definitions.
1. "Fat" - the nutrient that your body needs to survive but unfortunately is harmful to your health in certain forms and quantities

2. "Fat" - a word used to describe a person who stores too much of the harmful types of the fat nutrient.

I always say, there are two groups of people you have to put up with in life: the people who matter and the ones that don't.

The ones that don't matter are the ones who don't actually care about you.  These people are typically narrow-minded and judgmental.  They take little time to get to know anything about you.  So to that I say who cares what they think.  They don't matter.  They are people not worth my effort in trying to impress.  If one of these people criticizes you, it shouldn't phase you because they have dont have enough credibility for you to find a need to value their opinion.

The ones that do matter are the ones who you care about because they care about you.  These people have the credibility of knowing enough about you on a personal level.  Listen to these people because they will tell you what you need to hear.  These are the opinions you need to value.  Value constructively.

But, lets go back to the quote "You are fat."...

If a "dont matter" person says it, let it go in one ear and out the other.  Just like when one of your children complains they got a bigger slice of cake than them.  In one ear, out the other.  Who cares!!!

Let's just focus on the people who do matter.  Let's dissect why they called you fat.

The reason why they called you fat is because you, in all likelihood, look like you are carrying too much of the fat nutrient.  JUST ACCEPT IT.  If someone that does matter calls you fat, you have to realize they know your circumstances.  You have to take the times to consider their circumstance as to why they said that.  They called you fat because carrying too much fat is being taught to the general public as being a sign of physical laziness and poor eating habits. it is perceived that everybody that is fat became that way because of physical laziness and poor eating habits.

Being fat is a symptom, its not the actual problem.  It's not the fact you are fat that disturbs the people that matter, its the reason why you are fat.

If you are fat because breakfast is a donut, lunch doesnt exist, and pizza is dinner, and your only exercise today was moving your head left and right and scrolling your mouse with your finger as you read this article, then straight should feel offended. These are obviously unhealthy for you and realistically, if you are being honest with yourself, you are not happy with the way those people that matter perceive you.

At the end of the day, for most of you, the reason why you have made it a goal to get into shape, is to be happy for the way the ones that matter perceive you when they look at you.

Being a trainer, the point I'm trying to get across is most of you "fat" people are scared to get involved with a fitness club because you are scared you will be seen as fat.  Honestly, yes you will be physically seen as fat, but what you look like is not how people will define you, it's WHAT YOU DO that will determine how people will define you.

Just trying to get through the recommended hour at the gym, choosing the easiest and most time consuming exercise will most definitely be criticized because it gives a reflection of HOW you got fat.  But if you were pushing hard and sweating a waterfall, honestly, the ones that matter wouldn't be making fun of you.  They will respect you for your dedication.  Sooner or later, you will be an inspiration at the gym.

If you were 40% body fat when you started and 30% body fat now, you are still fat.  But do you give a crap that you are still fat? You feel great don't you?  Look at all the compliments you are getting!  It's the journey you should enjoy. Because once you are at the publicly accepted size, you are just going to be a regular joe.

My Point:  If you feel offended by people calling you fat, it's because of the reason you became that way, not because of the fact that you are fat.  If you focus on being healthier and more active in order to be happy, that fat symptom will just go away as a bonus and you wont even care how long it takes.


Side Bar:  This post is sprouted from an episode of one of those doctor shows about how you should be happy about your curves. It's not your curves I'm concerned about, it's how you got them and how truthful you are to yourself that you are happy with who you are.

Author: Sam Dalupang
Editor: Kimberly Ho


  1. So true! Very good post, and very truthful!

  2. You're just as inspiring as Sandra said :-)