Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make a Change to See the Change

To my dedicated subscribers and followers, I am here now writing this blog at 12 lbs heavier than only 5 days ago.  Don't believe me?  Well it's true.  I know that a lot of it is water weight as my skin elasticity is not as...well..."elastic", my clothes are fitting a little bit tighter these days, and overall I feel super bloated EVERYWHERE.  Plus, mirrors...well those things I try to avoid right now LOL.

This is the case for most competitors post competition.  Everything your coach said you couldn't have pre-contest is now "no-holds-bar".  What did I eat you ask?  Everything categorized as junk food is the answer...all the way from A to Z.

I can tell you right now the saying "you are what you eat" holds to be very true.  I know being a competitor post-competition (specifically dealing with nutrition or lack of it) is an extreme case but my body at the end of the day told the story.  It's simple.  You eat bad food or make those bad nutritional decisions, you will pay for it or rather your body is going to pay for it.  The mirror in your bathroom as well as the scale ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.  80% of what we consume is how our body composition turns out.  Working out is just the cherry on top.  You are never going to see those abs if you don't clean up your act in the kitchen.    

So now what?  You are unhappy.  What could you possibly do?  Like I always tell my #TeamSexy girls, 

"You have to make a change to see the change."  

Next step, throw out all those bad habits along with that junk food you got stored in your back cupboard.  Start prepping your food so you are always prepared.  There is absolutely NO WAY you can say "I didn't have time."  Drink LOTS and LOTS of water to flush all the garbage out of your system.  Start sleeping early to get at least 6-8 hours.  And last but not least, remind yourself that you are accountable for every action you do when it comes to making those healthy options and working out.  You are the creator of your story.  Don't let it be a tragedy.  Let them all end in "...And they all lived happily ever after."


Change.  It is something people HATE with a passion.  Change is hard for some people because they are TOO comfortable.  But there are just some things that need to be changed to see the maximum result or maybe for a process to be carried out more efficiently/effectively.

Last month after coming in 6th place at the IFBB World Qualifiers, I had received feedback from the judges in which they all agreed my legs were way too muscular for the Bikini Division.  Now, I ADORE my legs.  I know there are some people who have trouble putting on size waist down.  Genetically, I guess I was gifted (Thanks Dad!).  But wanting to place higher and remain in the Bikini Division meant MORE WORK!  I saw what I needed to change and warped my body INTO the "ideal" bikini body frame.  I ran...and ran...and ran some more.  It came to a point where my left leg was hurting so badly, I just wasn't capable of running anymore.

This past weekend all my hard work paid off.  I won 1st in my respectful Bikini Medium category.  Words cannot express how I feel about the results.  All that pain, hours of posing, dripping sweat, and bland food was worth it.  My dream is just one step closer to becoming a reality.    

The moral of the story folks is:

"If you want something, you have to do whatever its takes to get there."

If you have dreams, go and chase them.  Don't say "CAN'T" until you actually tried.  Anything is possible.  All you have to do is TRY.  

Here are just some highlights from the weekend.  ENJOY!


  1. Love you girl <3 keep going. 2013 is ours


  2. what a great read!!! and kim is NOT lying. she really does say all these encouraging words to her TeamSexy girls. Everytime i'm about to give up, she knows just what to say, and it makes me push further. and she is not lying, because she WAS where i am now... she KNOWS. she's felt all the feelings i've felt...and she knows what needs to be done to get the job done. thanks kim...really. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  3. I think I"m missing the determination part.

    Wait, maybe it's the willpower.'s the commitment.

    Oh, god, just hand over the potato chips.


    1. oh ya dont even get me start with the potato chips haha. #MYFAV

  4. Wow, nice job going from 6th to 1st place!

    1. Thanks so much. It's true what they say HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

  5. Yeah, I ADORE your legs too. I think it's a shame that a body building event even though called "Bikini" is giving "overall" titles to little girls who, I'd be willing to bet, are not even lifting weights. You were robbed girl! You deserved your first AND overall!

    1. Aww Sandra! U are too kind. I wish wish wish I won it but the judges made up their minds. Sam thinks I was very close to winning it though.