Friday, June 8, 2012

Holy Goaly!!!

Ever feel like you aren't quite there yet with your personal wellness goals?  Almost as though, you should of reached those goals by now?  Like I had said before, YOU are accountable for every action you do. 

There may be times where for instance you just "eye-ball" your protein portion or think to yourself "I think I ate 3 hours ago or was it only 2?"

Mentally having your goals in your head can always be a challenge.  In a lot of cases, if it is in your head it will always be a dream.  But if you write it down your chances are by far greater to ACTUALLY achieving your goals.  THE BEST WAY to track everything is to physically write it down on a piece of paper and post it somewhere in plain site.  That way it is visible each day you wake up and each night you go to sleep.

Want to lose 10 lbs? Fit into that dress for a wedding coming up?  Be able to breathe with ease while doing cardio on the treadmill?  To finish school with flying colours?  To be one of the most successful candidates in your field?  It really does not matter what your goal is, all that matters is you commit to your goal, do whatever it takes to get there and follow through.  Like the image says "Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up."


So speaking of goals, it is time to re-adjust and dust off the ol' trusty note pad.  With you my followers, I will share with you the goals I have set out for myself (short-term and long-term) digitally.  It is re-focussing time!!

Here are my NEW goals from June 2012-August 2013

  • Make some physical changes on my mid-section, chest, calves and glutes.
  • Gain a corporate sponsorship from a supplement company (working on that right now).
  • Help all my sponsors (Muscles By Meyers, Because You're Fabulous, Zealous Medi Spa and Public Myth) gain more visibility.  I always LOVE helping those who help me.  
  • Get all my #TeamSexy personal training clients to reach their goals.  You GOT THIS!
  • More carbs means more strength.  This year leading up 'til the 2013 Nationals is all about pushing my body to the limits.  Go heavy on weights at the gym or...well there isn't an option to opt out.
  • More cardio.  Last year, I RARELY did off-season cardio.  That is going to change this year since I want to make sure I am physically fit EVERYWHERE including my heart.  
  • Get into the "Hot & Fit 100" in Inside Fitness Magazine for next year.  I guess that means more photo shoots.  
  • Practice makes perfect.  Although, I loved the way I did my posing routine, I know there is always room from improvement.  Usually 6 months prior to a competition is when I will bring out the stilettos and strut my stuff. 
  • Drink more water.  I drink water in LARGE quantities some days and some days I am lacking.  This is something I am continuously working on.  MUST REMEMBER!
  • SLEEP is so important for growth and re-building/repairing.  To my dear friends who I said I'd come out and party, I will but probably not as often as I thought I would this summer.  I need to make sure there is no room for error with my off-season/pre-contest.  Please respect my goals.  I am a woman on a mission.  
  • Eat clean with only the occasional treat meal.  My treat meals will most likely be on weekends since most gatherings or social events fall on Friday, Saturday or Sundays.  

So now you've read my personal goals.  What does your list look like?  Go write it out and tack it to your bulletin board, your fridge or your computer.  There is no room for excuses.  There is only room for improvement.

Everyone is capable of AMAZING THINGS.  

Go make your life AMAZING!

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  1. Oh come on now Girlfriend, you can do a little bit of partying! Snow will be on the ground before you know it, might as well get those margaritas on the beach while you can! (yeah, I know, no idea where they serve margaritas on the beach in Manitoba...)