Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get My Stuff at

"Kim, where did you buy that top...and those shorts and that sweater?"  

Instead of me telling you all repetitively time-and-time again...there is this amazing new website called

I recently discovered this from another one of my fellow FitFluential members Sarah Dussault (or better known on YouTube as SarahFit).  

This website allows you to add your most recent purchases to your profile and (if you would like) show all your buddies through automatic posting via Twitter & Facebook all the details (where you purchased it, how much, what colour, etc).

Here is what my profile looks like:

As you can see, my latest purchases have all been from (if you haven't been to their don't know what you have been missing in your gym attire).  These are some of my favourite pieces to date.  

So sign up and let's start sharing our favourite things (cue the Sound of Music song).     

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