Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Alarm went off for morning cardio...and all I wanted to do was keep dreaming of Michael Buble and I dancing the night away LOL.

So I skipped out on my morning cardio (shame on me) because I thought to myself "MY LEGS ARE STILL SORE...IT'S OKAY." (excuses huh?).   After eating my wholesome breakfast, I decided I MUST PUNISH MYSELF with HIIT at the gym.

(via WellFit)
If you haven't heard of HIIT before, it is the BEST type of cardiovascular training to maintain muscle mass and lose fat in a short amount of time.  HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  There are many different types of HIIT but the one I decided on today was sprint HIIT's.

I felt extra charged today because of my new cycle of fat burners by Advanced Genetics's called "F-10".  With all those lovely stimulants running through me, I decided to see just how many sprints I could push out today with my legs still sore from my strenuous leg day two days ago.

Usually the first two sprints are a breeze.  But when it came to the third one, I found myself panting extremely hard...just trying to catch my breathe again before the time ran out to do my next sprint.  The way I train myself mentally when I do sprints is to run like there is a serial killer with a knife behind me, who is going to kill me if I don't run my frickin' butt off (my TeamSexy girls are probably laughing right now because I tell that to them too).  Yes, it's funny but it makes you sprint like you've never before.

I ended up doing only 5 sprints but I am still proud of myself for doing it with being sick, my muscle soreness, not having done sprints in a month, and other runners hogging the track.  Next time it will be 6..then 7...then 8...then 9..then 10.  

Like I tell anyone who wants to try this type of training or any new training techniques, you have to take everything in baby steps.  Rome was definitely not built in a day.  

Have a Happy Wednesday Everyone.  
Train hard.  Eat Clean.  Sleep Well!  


  1. Lol You KNOW I was laughing!

  2. I like your technique run really is all mental any way.
    And sorry for all the comments all the sudden, I fell behind in my blog reading!

    1. Totally agree with that. HAHA it's okay. I am SO behind on all my fav blogs too. Life get busy sometimes :S