Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To Workout or Not to Workout....

This morning I had trained my #TeamSexy girl Marlyn (who did just AMAZING this AM).  I have to say my friend, you are getting stronger both mentally and physically each time we meet for our sessions.  Keep up the great work as you are well on your way to achieving those goals.

I pushed out my own workout in the morning that went something like this:

Be prepared for your shoulders to be in PAIN!  Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Now, my shoulder day is usually comprised of a LOT of super-setting because for of my goals is to really bring up my shoulders for the upcoming year.

Going back to the reason for the title of this blog post.  While updating my social media sites, I always get sucked into anything fitness related.  This usually makes me want to workout LOL.  I am now getting a urge to do another session this evening.  

Another one of my main areas of concern for the upcoming competition season are my glutes.  If I want them glutes like Nathalia Melo (see image below), I have to literally bust my ass to get them.  My legs are pretty "fresh" from my last leg day last week.  As of now, I think they are ready for another go.

Nathalia Melo's SOLID GLUTES!
I have all this evening to considering pushing out another workout.  I have two #TeamSexy personal training clients to see this evening and then I will decide.

Like I always tell my girls:
"It's a matter of how bad you want it.  You need to do everything possible to get there.  You have to make the sacrifice, the time, and energy to get to those goals.  You are accountable at the end of the day."

Now to figure out what to do.....hmmm......I think I just might.
Stay tuned!!! 


  1. I have started couch to 5K, AND signed up for the actual 5k in September.

    That's a s committed as I can get right now. I have no idea how you ladies do it. :)

    1. OOH sounds challenging. Props to you for that. I am definitely not a runner LOL. OH anything is possible really ....again it's a matter of how bad you want to reach that goal :D