Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blast From Past to Get Past This Fast

Have you ever been in a short-term slump (2-3 days)? It's happened to me before and perhaps some of you where you do not want to do absolutely ANYTHING. For me, my slumps usually stem from emotional happenings in my life (this time it was the boyfriend leaving the city for work).

But onto my story...

While visiting my parents a few days ago, I came across old message logs I had between my personal trainer Sam (now my loving boyfriend) and I from MSN Messenger (who still uses that?).

Long story short, I was one wickedly determined 150 pound girl back then while on my journey to total body wellness. I could sense how determined I was by the way I worded my sentences. I wanted to conquer the entire world (or my world at least).

A little snapshot of our conversation back in 2010

After re-reading those old conversations, I honestly have to say there are days I take my current body for granted. There are days I think "I'm fine the way I am" but REALLY that girl back then yearned for so much MORE than just being "okay" or being "average". Being OPTIMAL was the mission.

Re-reading the logs ignited my drive into high gear to WANT MORE...To be better. I want to be this highly motivated girl again. I will be her. I am her.

So with a few write off days, I am now back on track.

We all fall down sometimes. It's up to us to decide whether or not to pick up the pieces and keep going OR to fall apart.

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  1. seems like that looking at that conversation was just what you needed and it came at a perfect time!
    BUT, there is something to be said about slumps...sometimes we need the rest!