Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Overwhelming. I am Overjoyed.

The boyfriend left this morning to go back to his new home and his new job (after a short weekend visit to my hometown).

I am not going to lie. I did shed some tears at the airport. I really have to take the bf's advice and not listen to sappy love songs while he is away.

His absence left me with a reflection of our relationship. Note: I used to write about the guys in my life all the time on this let's get back to my old ways with today's blog.

FYI: Today's blog is a cheesy one. If cheese isn't your cup of tea, you can definitely pass on reading this one :D


I still feel the charged excitement whenever you step in a room, give me a sweet smile, or even after hearing the ringtone of receiving a text message.

Electric sparks fly just like when we first started dating. It's been almost three years but to me each passing day feels like date number one. Everything feels new...somehow we managed to keep things feeling fresh.

This time it's different...Different and BETTER than any other by far.

I said to you "I've been hurt so many times in the past. Please try not to hurt me". You said "I am not going to promise you that just in case I do. I do not want to lie to you."

No games. No lies. Just honesty, communication and trust.

You made me overcome my fears. You made me learn to love again, which I thought impossible. Your love makes me strong but weakens me at the same time. I never once shared all of my deep thoughts, feelings and past with anyone as I do with you. You accept me for all of my faults. You prefer me without makeup (now that guy is a keeper!). You equally love my pre-contest and off-season bloated body (you make me feel so sexy everyday). You love me for me with no strings attached.

I wasn't looking for love. You weren't either. But somehow, it found us.

You are my supportive best friend and coach. You are my passionate lover. You are the other half that makes me

I adore you.


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  1. Awesome! Sounds like you have a great relationship!