Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gym Review: FlexFX Fitness Centre (Leduc, AB)

Kim strikes again! Gym hopping is the name of the game :)

The other week, Sam and I did a drop in at FlexFX Fitness Centre in Leduc, AB. Since we were in the area, we thought why not give this gym a go. Drop in here was a reasonable $10.

The gym is 24 hours (card access to members), which is a great feature to have for those late night workouts or early morning cardio sessions.

Staff was quite welcoming and showed Sam and I around.

The change room was my first stop. Equipped with (I believe) three bathroom stalls as soon as you walk in, 4-5 curtained showers and a fairly small-sized locker area (good thing I brought my padlock-not coin operated). The change room design seemed a bit odd. It felt like a maze LOL. I didn't find the locker area at first because it was all the way in the back...past the showers (weird). The change room seemed a little dated too (circa mid 90s construction).

The gym has two jam packed floors with cardio pieces, free weights, heavy duty commercial grade equipment, as well as showers, a tanning bed and a photo studio (ya, go figure on that one...haha).

My first impression of FlexFX was grungy, like something you would see out of a Ronnie Coleman or Branch Warren training video. Well, first impressions ARE everything, right? With closer inspection, my first impression WAS right. Some of the equipment was not in the best condition. There were worn down benches, broken mirrors, range of motion on certain machines was not correct, and there were cables that would not recoil properly. It was a good thing I was only doing my core that day. Sam did not have such luck. It was his leg day and the equipment they had did not satisfy him one bit.  There was however some pieces large gym chains do not carry - a PLUS in their book.

Picture c/o FlexFX Fitness Centre
My workout was just okay. I was able to utilize some of the equipment with minor tweaks due to the state of some of the pieces. The cardio pieces (treadmills and bikes) were older but seemed to be still in working condition.

Overall, I would rate this gym as "okay". But who would want just a mediocre workout? NOT ME! It may be up to the standards of some but I could see fitness levels of an intermediate/advanced user yearning for more.

Would I come back for another drop-in? Yah probably one day I'll go back. Maybe to do a hardcore workout photo shoot/video. Who knows :D

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