Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's In My Gym Bag?

Yes, I am aware this post is somewhat of a fluff piece but I THINK "who cares?!?" :D

I did a Youtube video review a few months back for my FitMark backpack courtesy of my amaze-balls sponsor Muscles By Meyers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (located at 483 William Avenue, 204-943-1466). I showed you some of the contents inside the bag, but TODAY you get a better glimpse inside.

So without future ado,

As you can see, the text on the image is WAY too blurry.  Don't worry, I have written everything below.

Top Left: 
My padlock: You can never be too careful at the gym.  There are some people who don't even lock their lockers and then get upset when someone steals from them.  CMON!
My Member Card:  Even though I enjoy "at-home" workouts, I always need to have a gym membership.
Lip gloss/balm:  My lips always need a little moisture when I am at the gym, especially when I do cardio.  You'll always find some in my pockets.
Hair Ties:  You can NEVER have too many of these in your gym bag.  There have been the occasional time when tying my hair the darn tie snapped on me.  Not cool man...not cool.  

Top Right:
Jump Rope:  Just in case there are no cardio pieces available, I always carry this as a backup in my bag.  It's a great way to change up your cardio routine.    
iPod:  Love jamming to some great dance, dub-step, hip hop and the random slow jam when I workout.  When this baby dies on me, my workout does not feel the same. 
Headband(s):  Bangs...even the side swipe ones get in your face.  This is your solution my friends.  
Public Myth wrist band:  I use my shirt I am wearing at the gym to wipe down my sweaty face, but this is a WAY better option.  Check out Public Myth for GREAT gym gear!
Deodorant: No one likes a stinky gym-goer...NO ONE!
Wallet: This is an obvious one.
Measuring Tape: So I can measure my MASSIVE legs....just to make sure what I am doing at the gym is making them slim down :S
Notebook: I keep track of all my exercises in this baby.  It is pretty ol' school to write everything down but I enjoy it.  

Bottom Left:
Advanced Genetics GP3: It's the best creatine, glutamine and BCAA combination on the market.  Hands DOWN!  To get the genetic advantage, check out more of what AG has to offer at their website.
Muscles By Meyers gear:  It doesn't matter where I live, I always make sure I do my very best to help support this great Winnipeg supplement/sports nutrition business.  It definitely helps that this shirt is pink!  Ya, I am a girly girl at heart!  Great service.  Great Prices.  Knowledgeable Staff!  
Water Jug:  I am doing my best to drink at least 4L a day.  It is one of my goals for this year.  DRINK MORE WATER!
AG Water Bottle:  I always carry it with me on the gym floor.  Again, WATER is SO important to fat loss, glowing skin, and darn's just good for you!
Workout Gloves:  To prevent those ugly calluses for happening.  Calluses are NOT attractive.  Nobody wants MAN HANDS lol!
Because You're Fabulous Makeup Kit:  After my workout, I usually like to refresh my face with my organic, all-natural, and vegan BYF makeup.  This stuff is just fantastic.  No harsh chemicals seeping into my skin.  You can even eat it, BUT I recommend you don't LOL.
Lululemon Bag:  This little bag has all my other AG supplements inside smaller containers, just to save a little bit of space.

Bottom Right:
AG Hat:   I like to call the hats I wear "SHIELDS".  They shield my eyes away from all distractions and the many gym creepers.
Digital Camera:  I bring my camera with me to take some snap shots myself (progression pics or my weekly Public Myth/AG pictures).  Always good to have one around.  
Vibram FiveFingers:  LOVE these shoes.  I still get asked about them to this day :D
Pill Box:  I carry my supps and daily vitamins everywhere I go.  I got this pill box at Superstore, but I've seen other pill boxes at dollar stores.    


It does change every couple of months depending on my goals but most of these are the basics.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Stay tuned for next time as I review an organic tanning spray.  It's going be a goodie!

Question: What interesting things do YOU carry in your gym bag?  

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  1. lol You know, if you need someone to take that sweet FitMark bags off your hands I could give it a good home...