Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Vita Tanz Spray On Tan (Organic Spray)

When my good friend and lovely sponsor Because You're Fabulous told me about the new ORGANIC spray tan line she was going to get, I was immediately SOLD!  No more harsh chemicals seeping into my skin.  YIPPEE!  Now tell me, WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT?!?

I received a small sample package in the mail to test out.  The sample package came with the Vita Tanz sample bottle and a puff (to apply the solution).


Before Vita Tanz Organic Spray Tan
I decided to test the Vita Tanz on my shoulder/arm area.

I didn't use gloves but I do recommend it.  Get a towel to set down in the area you are applying the tan (as it did get a little messy LOL).  I just finished showering/exfoliating/lightly moisturizing my body.  For the best results, I recommend you do the same.  The initial scent was actually surprising.  It smelled GOOD for once as compared to other self-tanners.  A+ in my books!

I tried two approaches to applying the spray tan.

Firstly, I sprayed by sections, which seemed to work best.  You don't want to spray your entire arm, only to be left with streaks.  Not pretty!  Use the puff supplied to make circular motions gently into your skin.

Secondly, I tried spraying the puff.  I found this to be best when applying to my elbow joints (knee joints/ankle joints for those of you who are applying to their legs).  After a few spritz, use the puff supplied to make circular motions gently into your skin.  You do not want to press the solution in too hard, which could ruin your even complexion.

Finish off by once again spraying into sections until the entire area is complete.  I, myself, waited for 5-10 minutes until dry to apply another coat (since I wanted the tan to come in a little darker).  I waited 24 hours (as stated on website) for the colour to fully develop, as well as not showering for 6-8 hours after applying.  

End Result:  

After Vita Tanz (two coats)
I loved the colour.  I felt like I just came from a topical vacation.  I even got compliments at my local gym ("Did you just get back from vacation?" said one woman).

My skin normally has a yellow tone to it.  With the Vita Tanz, I achieved a brownish tone to my skin.  I was very pleased.

After the inital 24 hour wait time, there was a hint of that "tanning smell" (due to change in my PH with my workout aka sweat) but showering will easily take care of that.  The spray tan lasted for about 5-7 days (as I shower regularly after the gym).  

The entire process wasn't grueling.  It was very easy.  It did not take long either.  I do suggest if applying to entire body to get the help of a friend to do your back or those hard to reach places.  

Overall, I am happy with this product.  If you want a spray tan that is healthy for your body, this is your new baby.  I will most certainly be using this product again in the future.

Visit to try it for yourself or to try other organic skin care/beauty products.  You won't be sorry.   

Thanks for Reading!  

Question:  What self-tanners do you use?  Any good?  

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