Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bye Bye Vegas and Hello Goals!!!

Well, I'm sure you are wanting to know how I did this week...ya know...with staying on track and all.  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. 

With countless food options on the Las Vegas Strip, my head was definitely spinning. Just the smell of it made my mouth salivate and my stomach growl.  I would pass by a place and go "ooh" or "yum" or "CUPCAKES" and then be sad walking away LOL. It was bloody awful BUT we set the day of our cheat (Thursday) and promised to stick to it no matter what.  Side Note: Gordan Ramsey Steak Restaurant reservations were cancelled by us because we just wanted more options for the same price, which in my mind at the time made sense...just a little sad now that we didn't go but I guess there is always next time.  

Our go-to places for clean eats were of two: Chipotle and the Food Hall in Harrahs Hotel. 

From Chipotle, I ordered a chicken salad bowl...hold the rice, beans, salsa, guacamole. So basically, it was lettuce and their yummy seasoned chicken. We frequented there a few times and each time I got the look of "oh, that poor girl", which I thought to be really funny. I mean HEY, at least the chicken wasn't plain.  I loved it!  Chipotle, you rock!  

At the Food Hall, we ordered salads.  I was so in awe of this place. Sushi, noodles, pastries, pizza, froyo, sandwiches, soups and more.  It was all in one place, which I guess didn't matter to me on the days I wasn't cheating but at least I knew I had options when the time came. Our salad artist was named Mark. We had him on two occasions and was just wowed with his customer service.  He was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.   Super friendly, very generous with the items I wanted in my salad and that's why we gave him a very nice tip.  Thanks Mark! *muah. I opted for making my own salad with the spring mix greens, which you had 6 items out of the many vegetable items to pick from. I got purple onions, chopped eggs, grilled asparagus, pickled artichoke, cucumber, and black olives. Of course, I needed to get my protein chicken was my choice. I loved how I was SO in control of what went into my body.  It was just a refreshing change from say Subway salad ingredients. Like cmon, artichoke...who ever has that?!?  To finish it off, I went sans salad dressing BUT then added a bit of vinegar and pepper/salt for more taste.  I even opened a packet or two of mustard to dip my chicken in. Sam doesn't understand my love for mustard. He just looks at me like "why?!" Whatever, it's my food and my body.

When Thursday rolled around, I was one happy girl. Cue the Ke$ha track 'Tick Tock'.  I was definitely waking up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy :)
Anyways, went to my conference meetings, worked out as per usual and we strutted into the nearest buffet. I usually end of feeling like garbage but this time around we were smart about it. If something doesn't taste amazing, we don't finish it. Just one bite will tell the story. It's just like having things all within a moderate amount. That's how Sam and I tackled our allocated cheat day. After the buffet, we walked for probably a good hour and a half and then stopped for a lobster roll at Lobster Me. YUM!  It was delicious!  I've never had one in my life and  boy, it was tasty. After another slot of walking...maybe this time for another hour, we found another buffet. This was our last stop of the night because we were nearing our 4 hour time limitation for our cheat. Again, having a tad bit of everything but not going overboard.  It was definitely a good day. 

So, what's the moral of the story? Don't think to yourself that it is impossible to stay on track with clean eating while away on vacation.  Don't give in!  You got this!Trust when I say, I had my moments of vulnerability but Sam quickly pulled me back from the food trance and got me refocused on my goals. Always ask yourself these things:  
1. Is it really worth it?
3. How will I feel after?
5. Will I regret the decision I just made?
6. Will it get me closer to my goals?

If you answer with hesitation, chances are you shouldn't do it. Yup, I know it's easy to say but harder to do but just know that you are not alone (*points to myself). I've gone through it countless times.  If you really don't know what to do, call a supportive friend. They will be the voice of reason. That little push will get you over the junk food hump and off on that goal digger path of yours. 

Hope this blog post helps you guys with your future plans for travel. I will leave you with this mantra to repeat again, again and again: 



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