Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Been A Long Time...Since I Wrote For You

Hey Friends!  Long time, no see huh?!!  I always seems to go away for a long time and then randomly make a new blog post. 

Let me keep you posted on what has happened in the last little bit. Let's get you all up-to-date!!!

My husband and I are proud owners of 9Round 30 Min Kickboxing here in Leduc, Alberta. It's going SO WELL that even for being open since only May of this year, we are currently sitting at the #1 spot in all of Canada!!  Woot woot!  How exciting is that?!!  If you guys don't know much about it, let me give you a quick run down:
-Workouts are ONLY 30 minutes
-You have a personal trainer with you every step of the way
-You can be at any level of fitness with the trainers modifying (if need be) 
-Workouts change DAILY
-No set class times, jump in anytime

I can attest that 9Round is one kick-ass workout. I sweat like a mother whenever I get a chance to do it. On the days I don't feel like giving it my 100%, the trainers always give me that push to work harder!  It's a love/hate relationship. But more so love....after I am done working out with them of course. It's definitely something that everyone needs to try before one assumes what it "may" be like. You definitely will be surprised in a good way. 

Next, Sam and I are currently on our way to Las Vegas for the Annual Snap Fitness Convention. My owners are THE BEST....seriously. Hotel, airfare and paid salary all taken care of?!? Um YA!  I am even nominated for Manager Of The Year. If I win, I get a super cool trophy and bragging rights.  My owner Mike said they even even hold a Hot Body contest at our Snap pool party. He said hands down that Sam and I would win.  Haha we shall see about that.

In two weeks, I am going to be doing my second boudoir photoshoot with my talented friend Khammy once again. So, while we are here in Las Vegas, Kimmy has got to be a really good girl. No fun 😢. Vegas is well-known for all the glorious buffets, top chefs and scrumptious nibbles. 

Staying on track will be an ultimate test with the goals I have set out for myself.  I'm sure you all have gone through a similar experience in the past or maybe have something coming up. 
With that, here are Kimmy's Tips:

1. Meal Prep: Pack your protein and GO!  We usually make sure we have extra protein bars in our bags where we go. Getting samples of protein powder for your local supplement store and bringing along a shaker cup is also a really good idea.
2. Modify Your Meals: You can always find a way to get the correct nutrients in our system without going overboard. Ask your waiter for lighter options, dressing on the side, or even asking them if they can just make you a Plain Jane oven-roasted chicken breast instead of the one on the menu covered in sauce.
3. Find the Nearest Grocery Store: This one may or may not be an easy task. It truly depends on where you are staying. For us here in Las Vegas, grocery stores are not too common of a sight to see near the strip. So, unfortunately for us, we may need to taxi to a store and meal prep later at our hotel. Nonetheless, meal prepping your own meals is WAY more cost effective than buffets each night...even with the added taxi fare AND not so costly on our waistline.
4. Water, Agua, H20: Don't skimp out on this one. A majority of the time you feel hungry has said to mean you are just thirsty. So, wet that whistle whenever you get a chance. Side note: bring a bottle of water or your own bottle wherever you go. You can always find a water fountain and fill 'er up!
5. Time It: Just like eating too much, you want to make sure you are still eating enough. My tip: place an alarm on your phone for every 2 - 1/2 to 3 hours. I def know what it is like to lose track of time but we NEVER want to lose sight of our goals. Stick to the plan and EXECUTE THAT!
6. Moderation...Moderation...Moderation: Vacation is a time to relax but you should be able to indulge as well. Like us, we have one day out of our week here to go at it!  We picked a restaurant that has both clean and not-so-clean eats at Gordon Ramsey Steak in The Paris Hotel. I am opting for the Beef Wellington because I know it's not too far off from what I eat on a regular BUT created by a top chef....which I am not. I always end of burning my food 😉.  Having dessert is something I want to do as well.  Yum, the creme brûlée is calling my name. Instead of a cheat DAY (which is so damaging on the body), we are doing a cheat meal. What that means to me is eating foods I wouldn't normally eat within a 4 hour window. After that, too bad...so sad. 
7. Busy Getting Busy:  Doing fun activities will most definitely take your mind off food. Go outside, play in the water, climb a mountain...do some epic s**t!!!  Move that body!!!
8. To Have and To Hold:  Let the person who you are with while on vacation know/understand what your goals are. If they tempt you from straying, politely tell them that by peer pressuring, they are disrespecting you and your goals. Don't give in. You are almost there.

Apply these tips and you'll be well on your way to that healthy and happy body you deserve. 

Well, we are descending to Las Vegas.  I'll keep you guys posted (hopefully) how well I do with my goals while away. 

Good luck with your goals and a big good luck to me (*fingers crossed). 

Have an amazing day everyone. 


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