Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well folks, I did not work out yesterday and feeling really guilty about it. Cue scary & dramatic music (Daa Daa Daaaaaaa). I know. I'm so bad. The car situation at home just did not allow for it to happen. I did get a chance to get my eye lashes re-filled. I am once again feeling beautified.

The evening came around and my sister had suggested we hit the mall for some early Christmas shopping and to check out the deals of course. I found a cute pair of shorts and that black lace top I had tried on before with Christian. I purchased it but half of the cost. The store was having a friends and family event: everything 50% off original tagged price. The one catch was you weren't allowed to try the clothes on. The change rooms were temporarily closed off to the public for the event.

My sister and I drove back to her place to have a little fashion show. It turns out the shorts I had purchased we WAY too big on me....I mean WAY TOO BIG. With a little tug, I'd be just wearing my undies and no one wants to see that. Why did I listen to the sales person? I got a size 10 because the next size down was an 8. She said the shorts fit a little smaller as said by customers. I of course listened. Dang. I shouldn't of. What a drag?!? I have to go back. Hopefully the size 8 will be there.

I got picked up by Lorraine, Adam, Christian, and Devon from my sister's place. We decided to purchase tickets for "2012" beforehand just in case they were sold out. I kind of was in a weird mood and I guess Christian sensed it from me. It didn't help that when I had asked him which movie time we were purchasing...he had told me 10:15 pm. Being impatient, I went to the self-serve machine. They all ended up getting the 10:30 pm show. I had to wait in the long-ass regular line to get mine exchanged. Is someone punishing me? Haha I know..I'm so dramatic sometimes.

We ate first (yam fries and some nachos....I'm going to have to pay for those choices tomorrow) and then headed back to the theater only to find there was already a huge long line-up for the movie....a movie I knew very little about. I do not really watch television anymore. I just download everything..haha. It was another "the-world-is-ending" movies. But this one turned out to be really something. The visuals were just amazing. The story was good too. A solid 8 in my eyes.

It makes you think though. What if the world were to end? Would you be able to do all the things you wanted in life before the expiration date? Think about that one.

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