Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wow I Feel Good

Mornings are the same ol' same ol'. Wake up, eat cereal, go to school. Pretty boring stuff eh?

I went to the gym with my good friend Charmaine. I did my regular total body weight training circuit and my arm weight training circuit - two sets each with about 10-12 reps of each exercise. Then went over to meet Char on the co-ed side. NOW I know why many of my friends enjoy working out over on this side. To scope out the eye candy. It helps as a motivator too. Went on the treadmill for interval jog/run training for 20 minutes. For some very odd reason, running on the treadmill felt different today. I don't know if it was set too low of a speed or if it was all the testosterone in the room but I honestly think I could of easily done another 20 minutes. Weird right? I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Had my second pole dancing class this evening. Just as fun as the first. Mind you, there were some new girls who had to catch up on some of the moves we learned last week but it was okay because Mary Lou & I seemed like advanced students compared to them...hehe. We learned a couple of new moves: a sexy crawl on the ground, sexy rollover and some others I just can't seem to remember at the moment. I could show you but that would require a long, shiny stripper pole. Not today :D

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