Monday, August 16, 2010

"Can You Break My Change?"

I am a huge believer in change. After all, change is good. If we do not change, then we do not evolve as a human-beings. Whether it be a good change or a bad one, "change is inevitable."

Many things in my life are different as of last year, which I will not list off because I would most definitely take up much more internet space then necessary. There were many....and I repeat MANY ups & downs along the way but in my journey I've met some great and inspiring people; people who also inspire myself to achieve the best form of ME, not only in the physical but in every aspect of life. I found even one little tidbit of advice from someone can easily transform you...making you see things in a different light. But with that being said, with everything comes a price. Not everyone is going to like change....either learn to adopt or get the fudge out of here. The people who you want surrounding you are the ones who can support and at least try to understand what you are trying to accomplish; not judge, ridicule or criticize your crazy notions. To be optimally successful, a good support base is key.

The one thing I will mention about my personal changes and one that is the most obvious is my physique. Being about 40 pounds lighter, there are the obvious changes in body composition. Once you start shedding pounds, along comes an increase in self-confidence. They go hand-in-hand. Mind you, I have a bit of a self-confidence complex which comes and goes but who doesn't after being overweight for such a long period of my life. It's only natural to feel like "that big girl" every once in awhile.


Not too sure if I had mentioned in a previous post, but come October is when my off season is going to start aka I GET TO EAT "NORMALLY" AGAIN. Whoop-De-Doo!!! Normal for me is getting to add more carbs therefore gaining back weight. Ya, that part...not so thrilling. So I really get 2 months to "get fat" before I start transforming my body in tip top shape for the Novice competition come March. Eek!!!

So my mom, being very generous, empties her coin purse in front of me and says "take what you want." All I see are twoonies, loonies and quarters. So I go ahead and take a good handful. When I finally manage the time to count it, the sum of the change comes out to $70 plus dollars. Isn't that just ridonkulous? I ended up using it at Sports Chek swearing to the cashier I didn't break my piggy bank for the new gym bag, which I absolutely adore. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on in a long time. Yes I know it's so silly to be THIS excited about a gym bag. Just let me be...hehe. I heart you New Nike bag. *Muah

I have a couple of new developments coming about. One of which has to do with my logo designing (new client). Woot! But the other this time my loyal fans, I cannot disclose. All I can say is it'll be a VERY good change for me and my future.

Stay Tuned. Same Bat time. Same Bat channel :D

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