Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One More Rep

Today's work out was just INSANE. I got a sample of a pre-workout called 1MR in Orange by BPI Sports from Muscles by Meyers on 483 William Avenue & Isabel. Side note: Go visit those guys. They are the best at what they do. *muah

Here is the description from BPI Sports:
1MR™ - “One More Rep” - A Heavily Concentrated Mind Blowing Dose of Energy, Vascularity, and Strength. An unrelenting rush of synergistic ingredients powered to make every workout your best, every workout your strongest, every workout your show and tell. Go ahead make everyone stare. 1MR™ is what separates you from everyone else. It’s what makes every muscle stronger, every vein wider, and every rep shorter. Pack on 100 miles per hour of energy and maybe, just maybe you have what it takes. This is a non-stop energy driven formula. It will get you to the gym faster, make your workouts shorter, and ultimately make you the architect of your own reflection.

I've only had beta alanine, which for me, just induced the "creepy-crawler-under-your-skin" feeling. If you do not know what a pre-workout is here is the jist. It is a supplement (in either pill or powdered form) taken prior to working out to give you a little boost to go the extra mile when your energy levels are low. This will most definitely aid in that.

I was definitely pushing it to the limits today. I found I was really focused to the point where I may have over-trained by doing 2 more exercises than my workout plan stated for my tricep/back day. Over-training=bad. Yes I know. Still, I highly recommend it to anyone who works out. This stuff is amazing. I just couldn't help it if I did over-train. Sorry muscles. I'll be nicer tomorrow. I swear.

Muscle Marinade by Purus Labs is another amazing pre-workout in which I've heard great things by users. Some say the best pre-workout on the market. But "someone" won't let me try it...*ahem Sam....What a bugger! I'll get my own sample then :p

I did the maximum amount of reps (12) for all my exercises (6) with 4 sets each. I know it sounds quite intense, but if only you knew how I felt...then you would understand fully. I could of swore I listened to "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce 6 times in a row while weight training. It really got me going. Yes I do know it isn't really a workout song but it just makes me want to dance. Me and her are like "this" (fingers crossed).

I also did HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the treadmill today with a 2 minute jog-2 minute sprint. Still feeling the pre-workout in my system, I finished off my 16 minute HIIT with a 2 minute jog-4 minute sprint instead. I kept on reminding myself of things while training like: "You can do this. Keep moving." Weird right? But it really did get me motivated to give that same intensity throughout the entire workout. Afterward, I was perspiring so much, beads of sweat were falling down onto the treads. Kinda gross...I know. Really, I was just trying to oil the machine :D

So to sum it up, BUY UP THIS STUFF at Meyers. You won't regret it. And if you don't like it, give it to me. I'll take it off your hands. MINE.

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