Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I'm Focused Man" - Jay-Z

So the main reason people go to the gym is to work out. That should be the only reason right? Well apparently not for everyone. In my opinion, from what I can see, the gym is sometimes a cesspool of individuals (mostly guys) who want to scoop out the opposite sex and socialize, therefore taking gym time away from others and yourself. It's so ridiculous. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of hardcores but you can always spot the troublemakers a mile away. You can almost sniff 'em out. Reality check: Trying to look cool at the gym in fact makes you look stupid. Just sayin'

So here are some things you should think about:
Do not wear shades. It isn't sunny INSIDE.
Don't bring your tv-boombox. It's not a party.
Leave the gangsta big ass chains at home. We ain't in the Bronx.
Ladies, put your makeup on AFTER your workout, not before.
Please save kissing and hugging for the bedroom. No one wants to see that stuff. No one!!!

Do not give those particular people the attention they are longing for. This comment is for you..."person-at-the-gym-who-lifts-his-shirt-up-in-front-of-mirror-to-look-at-yourself" guy. You look like a 'tard. Stop worrying about what others think and focus on your own self for self-improvement. Try your hardest to concentrate 100% on the task at hand. I find what helps for me is to occasionally close my eyes to nothing distracts me.

Another great tip to remember is by focusing (squeezing) on the actual muscle you're targeting, you will most definitely get more out of it and in-turn make the muscles work at their fullest potential, opposed to just doing the motion of the exercise (up-down or side-to-side).

So to finish off my rant, please people just focus on yourself and not others. It makes for a happier environment "for you and for me and the entire human race" (Michael Jackson).

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