Friday, August 6, 2010

New Breakfast & Meal 2/3 Experiment

Egg whites, melted dry cottage cheese and a handful of blueberries makes for a little treat in the morning, What do you guys think? Only 280 calories too!!!

I did (attempted) HIIT cardio in the back lane this morning and failed miserably. A muscle in my calf started to hurt. I jogged for a bit hoping to release some tension but alas to no avail. It still hurts. I guess I have to take it a little easier today on the cardio side. The last thing I want right now is an injury, How am I supposed to dance tonight at Republic? You tell me ;)

My "fingers" aka serratus are coming out a bit more. It's moreso on the left side of my body. The other side has some catching up to do. More homework for me...yah (sarcastic).

Fun Fact: Stevia, which is derived from a plant, is the best NATURAL sweetener out on the market and is 300 times the sweetness of sugar. Now available as most grocery stores or health food stores, such as Meyers..."smart buyers shop at Meyers". Thought I would throw that in for you Dave lol. It comes in either liquid droplet form or in packets. It even comes in different flavours too, such as Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Chocolate. Go get yours today. I use it everyday.

Here is another experiment: salmon with black pepper, chili peppers, no salt substitute, PC chipotle sauce, garlic powder and lemon juice baked inside a red bell pepper. It was quite delicious. The seasoning absorbed well into the pepper making it really tasty. Can't wait to eat it again in a couple of hours.

Today is chest & shoulder day today. I love this day also. I believe my shoulders are now one of my best assets. I am also working on building my strength in my chest because really....who wants to see those god-awful skelator bones?
Show of hands anyone???

Yoga in the park tomorrow from 11 am to 1 pm with Charmaine and her buddy. I can't wait. If you're interested, deadline for registration is today and it's $5. I just hope it doesn't rain. Mother Nature, we do not need anymore rain. Please and Thank You.

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