Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yogi's In Da House

Having went to bed at 4:00 am in the morning, you can only imagine the exhaustion I felt when I was awakened by my alarm clock at 9:30am to get ready for yoga at Assiniboine Park. My body was achy from the non-stop dancing last night at Republic Nightclub, which was crazy fun.

Quickly got ready, met Char nearby and hurried our way to the park so we could get a decent spot. It was a little cloudy at first but boy did the sun ever give it to us good. I was sweating lots, which means pretty much everyone else was too. My yoga mat was even glistening a tad bit. It was quite relaxing. Feeling the energy of the surrounding people, the sights and sounds as well as the breeze around us. I forgot what it was like and now want to get back into it. They were also giving away free passes for the studio, so I'll go check it out and see how that goes. Now yoga isn't new to me as I have done it in the past but not having touched in for years posed quite a challenge.

This is how it goes: I do stretching every single day even if I do not get a chance to go to the gym. People do not know the importance of it and is more or less overlooked. Stretching has shown to decrease stiffness, improve tone in your muslces, increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce risk of injury, improve posture, is a relaxation mechanism, and improve muscle efficiency and overall body performance. If you are not stretching, you're pretty much as saying to yourself "I don't want to be better. I'm happy staying where I am." Seeing some of the girls ahead of me bend like a pretzel kinda disgusted me yet made me realize the full potential of the human body. Just like anything...things come in time. For you heard it now, Kimmy is going to be able to bend like a more flexible...haha. I did have a goal set for this year (as I stated in a previous post) to be able to do the splits. I am almost there. I'm hovering about 5 or 6 inches off the ground.

Only 5 more months to go.

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