Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yum..."Real" Food!!!

So I found this at Superstore yesterday and wanted to give it a shot: an Advanced Carb & Fat Blocker by Jamieson Natural Sources, which claims it is for use "after" over-indulgence in fatty, greasy, rich foods and needs to be taken 30-60 minutes beforehand. So yet another experiment in Kimmy's lab aka the kitchen.

So yesterday, I indulged in 6 cheddar potato perogies, 2 M&M Meat Shops Maple Salmon Skewers, and one whole grain tortilla chip with salsa. This is what I call "my over-indulgence". I'm sure some of you would disagree but I didn't want to go too crazy if it didn't work. It was so nice to have "real" food again in my system after weeks being on a strict nutritional plan. I even had ketchup & BBQ sauce with the perogies!! It felt so darn good. YES CARBS...oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Conclusions of experiment: After testing the product yesterday, I weighed myself on the Tanita scale mid-day today at 133 lbs with 14.5% body fat and 61% hydration. This meaning that some of the carbs did absorb in my body, hence the slight increase in weight. The fat in the foods I ate yesterday did not get absorbed so it would seem as my body fat has never reached that low of a level, which has to do with the key ingredient of white kidney beans. White kidney beans make you poop, so says, which is probably where the fat went. Ya for me!

To recommend or not recommend....that is the question: It worked for me but mind you I eat clean regularly on a strict nutritional plan with moderate to vigorous exercise. I will however say this: try it for yourself and tell me how it goes. I definitely need to conduct another experiment on this since there were different variables at play.


I saw Joe earlier on in the afternoon and he was so out of it...very zombie-like. I had to make sure I really watched what I said when I was with him. The last thing I wanted was for him to get mad at me. He looked so depressed and sad. That is what the lack of carbs does to a person. He wanted to go treat himself at a restaurant, so the last 3 days his caloric intake was diminishing day by day. So we went to The Round Table with him and the Roomies for his first carb load in 2 weeks. When he received his meal and had his first bite, I could already tell he was feeling 100 times better. It was great seeing him happy again.

It is always nice to treat yourself every once in awhile. Just do not over do it. There are a lot of sacrifices one needs to make when trying to achieve their goals. But having a great support system (friends & family)....people who understand and respect what you are doing is one of the steps to reaching that goal. And just forget about the people who tease and make fun. They are really just envious of your determination and willpower. I kid you not.

There is never an easy way out. There is no miracle drug that is going to make you get to where you need to be by doing absolutely NOTHING.

With anything in life, hard work and dedication is what it takes to be successful.

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