Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bloat, Bloat, Bloat Your Boat

With off-season comes a little bit of bloated behaviour.  I am consuming more carbs, higher sodium intake (love my hot sauces & salsa), pushing heavy-a** weight at the gym & just loving life.

Carbs = Pure Happiness (jk)

My mantra right now is "Love They Body" but it's posing as a real challenge these days.  With my abs going undercover for the winter season and my torso growing wider and wider, it's a HUGE struggle some days than others.

Taken a week ago showing my off-season tummy.
Abs are probably less noticeable now.

The one thing I always come back to is this:  

It's only temporary and the minor short-term sacrifice will make a physique better in the long run.

Like I always say "Be Better Than Yesterday".  It's more like "Be Better Than Last Competition."  Bringing my best body to date is the game plan and this girl is on a mission.  THAT'S RIGHT my dear friends.  Mission Pro Card is back on and in full swing.  

2013 IFBB World Qualifiers will be my next showing and I cannot wait to show all of Canada what I have to offer.  It's going to be one heck of a year.  

I say DREAM BIG and NEVER let anyone bring you down.    


  1. I'm curious how body building works. By torso growing you mean muscle wise because you're getting more fit?? What do you differently off season than in season?

  2. Hey There Mar,

    Thanks for the question! BY torso growing wider, I just mean my bloatedness. I eat more carbs during off-season to be able to perform exercises with much more weight than when I am depleted of carbs.

    So if I can push heavier weight, then my muscles are able to be stimulated enough to grow. That is if and only if you PUSH HEAVY!

    Off-season is where MOST people really grow since we are depleted of any energy sources (carbs, fat, protein).