Saturday, September 15, 2012

OH MY QUAD: The Leg Experiment

Legs, Legs Legs!  GLUTES, GLUTES, GLUTES! 

My most challenging barrier to date is numero uno...DAS LEGS!  Being a successful bikini competitor, the judges are looking for symmetry, shape, poise, complexion, skin tone (competition tan) and your model walk.  Visually, think about a physique similar to one of a Sports Illustrated model packing a bit more muscle.

GAME PLAN: Slimmer legs is the goal for the 2013 competition season.

Going catabolic on my quads is the focus right now.  Because I have too much muscularity on my quads, they need to shrink.  I love my legs to death (and I know some of you out there love my legs too LOL) but making a SACRIFICE is something that I just have to do to stay in the division.  Figure may well be in my future one day :D

Right now, Coach Sam has got me working on my legs 3 times a week with resistance training (so pretty much every other day) and of course my regular cardiovascular training (steady pace run or high intensity interval training).

It's a real internal struggle whenever a leg day rolls around for the fact that I have to lift lighter for resistance.  SO FOREIGN to me.  My mentality before was PUSH HEAVY...HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS but for now it's more reps and LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!!! (Ronnie Coleman voice)

The experiment is now underway and already I am seeing some success.  Stay tuned for an updated report of my findings.


So with 2013 coming around, I am thinking of applying for a grant from Sport Mantioba Assistance Program.  We all know competing can take an individual up into the $1000's as per cost with everything us women need to be BEAUTIFUL on that one day (hair, makeup, mani/pedi, competition tan, shoes, bikini, jewelry, airfare, hotel, post-competition eats, photo shoots, etc).  I say it doesn't hurt to try.  If I get declined, at least I know I tried.   

Another way I am going to try to cut my costs next year is with the help of my friends, family and followers.  There is this great website called, which is an online donation form to fund any event...or even a person in my case.  Basically, if you want to raise money for something, this is the website to go to.  Thanks to my fellow AG Teammates for this great find.  Probably in about 2 months, I have it all set up and ready for you to help me on my journey to the 2013 IFBB World Qualifiers. 

But enough's time to get back to the grind.   Happy training everyone.  Have a fabulous day!  

Thanks for stopping by my little blog.  *muah        

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